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2015 Race Summary

Report on the 2015 Lake Tejas Triathlon and Duathlon at Lake Tejas

By Stephen Parks

The April 18, 2015 Lake Tejas Triathlon followed the formula for success that was laid down last year:  great weather (including water temperature of 73 degrees), plus great competition, plus great volunteers, plus the best course in Texas equals a very successful and enjoyable race for both athletes and spectators.  This year competitors came from the New Orleans, Tyler, Dallas,  Houston, Beaumont, Austin and Lufkin/Nacogdoches areas.

In addition, Oz Sanchez from San Diego, California came and competed in the triathlon with the run portion of the race completed by Katie Stibrich.  Oz is a two-time gold medal winner at the Paralympics and five-time world champion.  Most of the athletes could only watch as Oz passed them in his hand-powered tricycle since he is paralyzed from the waist down.  Oz finished second overall thanks in part to Katie Stibrich’s blistering 5K (time 17:53).  Oz and Patrick McGrew, pastor of Visions of Hope, spoke at the end of the race.

Alex Baron of Houston was the champion of the men’s triathlon, missing the course record by less than a minute.  His time was 1:03:33.  The women’s triathlon was won by Katie Glanton of Lufkin with a time of 1:21:59.   This was the first triathlon for several of the athletes.  Some achieved personal victories as they overcame their fears of not being able to complete the race.

Brian Zahm from Austin set a new men’s duathlon course record with a time of 1:02:37.   Kaytlynn Welsch smashed the women’s duathlon record by 6 minutes with a time of 1:09:51.  She is from Alvin, Texas and a member of the All American Duathlon Team.  She plans to compete in Australia in the world championship duathlon later this year.  Hard as it is to believe, Kaytlynn is only fourteen years old!

The athletes were very appreciative of the support of Colmesneil ISD and Angela Matterson, Superintendent of Schools, for the use of the beautiful Lake Tejas.  Thanks to all the volunteers, including the Unity Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team for preparing lunch.  The UBA Feeding Unit has fed over 1,000,000 meals to victims of disasters. Thanks to our additional sponsors:  Livewell Athletic Club, Agape Home care Services, Gann-Medford Real Estate, World Web Resources, Regional Physical Therapy Center, Spenco Medical, Iribarren Ink, and James Wagstaff.  For full results and pictures, see the event website: www.laketejastriathlon.com.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Unity Baptist Association and the Colmesneil ISD.


Final Age Group Results : Here


Overall Final Results: here



2014 Race Summary

The official race results can be found by clicking this link.

Perfect 72 degree weather (water temp. 70 degrees) helped competitors from Texas and Louisiana have some great racing April 12, 2014. Thanks to all the athletes from the SelecTri team in the Woodlands, and all the other tri teams for coming.

In the triathlon, congratulations to Katy Stibrich from Humble, a member of Team STRIV, who bettered her old course record by three minutes.  Her new course record is now 1:08:36.   In the men’s triathlon, Rusty Stover was the champion.  He came up just 19 seconds short of breaking his course record, set in 2012 (1:02:40). 

The women’s duathlon winner was Meagan Sobecki who set a new course record of 1:15:43.  The outstanding athlete of the event was Scott Olden (age 44) who won his age division in the triathlon with a time of 1:04:16.  Then he completed the duathlon course, and won the men’s duathlon division with a time of 1:06:24.  He also was set to compete in another triathlon the next day in Dallas.  He is a great competitor. 

Congratulations to all who finished, especially all of those completing their first triathlon!

Terri Cawley's Report:

I had a fantastic race this year. The weather was simply gorgeous, not too cold-not too hot. The swim is a great course, easy to follow and I really like the sandy beach. Even though I forgot to get help with getting off my wetsuit it was nice to know there were folks there to help!!! In fact, I really was impressed with the kindness all the Volunteers showed to us and their willingness to get excited about the race & cheer us on--THANKS Volunteers! Music was good and I really like that you can hear it when running around the lake. The wildflowers along the bike ride were refreshing and it made the ride more enjoyable. Just taking in nature's beauty there that day makes one appreciate being alive and able to experience racing in backdrop of the cool lake, peaceful country roads with rolling hills, and a nice run trail, though I must admit, I'm not great running on sand!! Stephen got the results in quickly and the hamburger/hotdog meal was exceptional! Again this is the best Triathlon in our area and close by to anyone in East or Southeast Texas. I really think it will continue to grow and become more and more popular in the coming years! Very nice place to race or spectate and enjoy an awesome day outdoors!  

2013 Race Summary

A cool, crisp morning greeted competitors from Texas and Louisiana last Saturday morning at the lake.  (water temp. 68 degrees).  Adding to the excitement of competition were thirty athletes from the SelecTri team in The Woodlands and seven competitors from the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets triathlon team.  Thanks also to the competitors from the Kingwood Triathlon Club.

Katy Stibrich from Humble, a member of the Kingwood Triathlon Club, smashed the women’s triathlon course record by 12 minutes.  Her time was 1:11:28.   In the men’s triathlon, Zach Smith from The Woodlands was the winner with a time of 1:03:41 coming up just shy of the record set by Rusty Stover of Lufkin in last year’s race. 

The women’s duathlon winner was Anne Ekern of Houston with a time of 1:17:25, a new course record.  Jason Minchew of Lufkin, in his first multi-sport event, won the men’s duathlon with a time of 1:32:22.  Congratulations to all who participated and completed the race, most of whom were first-time participants.  Ages ranged from 14 to 60.   

Triathlon winners by age division were:  Females age 12-15, Daniela Garza; age 16-18, Haley Gordon; age 19-25, Ally Green; age 26-30, Martha Ortiz-Salas; age 31-35, Jessica Mays; age 41-49, Jennifer Farmer; age 50-59, Terri Cawley.   Males age 12-15, Momen Shokeir; age 16-18, Tyler Henthorn; age 19-25, Collin Dart; age 26-30, David Nelson; age 31-35, Jeremy Webb; age 36-40, David Heckman; age 41-49, Charle Dixon; age 50-59, Joseph Lanza; age 60 and up, William Gilmore.

Duathlon winners by age division were:  Female age 31-40, Sara Lopez; age 50 and up, Tammy Hassenpfly.  Male age 12-19, Gerrardo Llamas; age 31-40, Chad Jackson; age 41-49, Ruben Vergara.

See complete results on the spreadsheet below.




2012 Race Summary

Final results of the 2012 Lake Tejas Duathlon and Triathlon can be found in the Excel spreadsheet below.

The Second Annual Lake Tejas Sprint Triathlon started on Saturday morning, April 28th.

The outstanding triathlete of the day was Rusty Stover of Diboll who set a new course record of 1:02:40!  Last year’s winner, Jeremy Webb, formerly of Diboll but now a Houston resident, had set the 2011 record of 1:10:36.  Jeremy still was a challenging competitor, coming in second place for 2012. 

The women’s triathlon winner was Rene Miles of Lake Jackson.  She finished first in the women’s division with a time of 1:23:15.  The winning triathlon team was Jeff Chance and Megan Walker, both of Lufkin. Their winning team time was 1:26:38. 

The men’s duathlon was won by Pedro Rodriguez of Round Rock with a time of 1:03:35.  Finishing first for the women’s duathlon with a time of 1:28:32 was Amber Drake of Keller.  Honorable mention in the men’s triathlon goes to Carson Nerren of Lufkin who finished with a time of 1:36:54.  Carson is only13 years old.

The biggest ‘congratulations’ goes to all of those who finished their first triathlon!  Well done!   “DU it and TRI umph” was a benefit race for Unity Baptist Association and Colmesneil ISD.

Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who helped to make this race possible:  Jason and Tracey Powell with Colmesneil ISD, Brian Hathorn of Agape Home Care, Cindy Springs and Lufkin Area Pace Setters, race photographer Allison Amason, Angelina College’s BSM students Josh Shaw and Blaine Byrum, Sulphur Springs Baptist Church and their youth group, Big Sandy Baptist Church and their youth group, Pastor Fred Smith, Livewell Athletic Club, Allen Gin Baptist Church, Regional Physical Therapy Center, and World Web Resources as well as numerous volunteers who helped make the race fun and safe.

2011 Race Summary

The First Annual Lake Tejas Sprint Triathlon started with a splash at noon Saturday, May 7th.   Jeremy Webb of Houston (formerly from Diboll), took a commanding lead for Overall 1st Place. His time was 1:10:36 The winner of the Women’s Division, was Texas A&M student, Kalli Robinson. Her time was 1:27:32. The team relay was won by three women from Nacogdoches, Katie Blevins, Katie Hengstenberg and Nicole Adams. Twelve year old, Carson Nerren put in an impressive performance, and finished in 26th place overall.

There was a very good turnout of families and friends who cheered dads, moms, brothers, sisters and even some grandparents along.   The people of Colmesneil, Lake Tejas Staff, Sulphur Springs Baptist Church in Zavalla, Mike Burton and Lufkin Area Pace Setters, Irvin Mott, Stearns Laseur, the sheriff and fire departments and numerous volunteers did an outstanding job of making the race fun and safe.  The race benefitted the Unity Baptist Association.

This was the very first triathlon for the majority of the participants. Everyone who started the race finished and should be congratulated.  Download the EXCEL file at the bottom of the page for 2011 results.



Report by Lynne Perkins

The day started off a bit shaky. I had to make a mad dash to the Nac bike shop to repair a tube, and stem (unexpected and unforeseen) where upon arriving the only worker there had a customer – gah!!!! I waited patiently for about uh…30 seconds before asking these nice young group of riders who had rode up in the parking lot if any of them could help me change a flat, I am riding in a triathlon in a few hours and like I have no time…..– one of them stepped up to the task and said “Hey you doing the Lake Tejas Tri?” and I said yeah! He proceeded to get dirty taking off my tire and popping out the tube. By then the guy who worked there came in and finished it up. I told him thank you SO much. Rushed back out to the car and walked up to the young rider that had helped me and shook his hand thanked him tried to give him some money which he would not take – he said you better go, you’ve got a tri to do!! There are angels on this earth I tell ya. So, I left Nac at 9:30 and made it to the race in time. The weather was perfect. The water was cold, but perfect for swimming. The race starts and I quickly realize that all my freestyle training is not going to help me today. I could not put my face in the water – it just wasn’t happening, so I went to plan B – sidestroke. Have you ever sidestroked nearly a quarter mile? I don’t recommend it – lol. Anyway, I wasn’t last getting out of the water, but nearly. Started the bike ride and quickly realized that the “rolling hills” were more like giant mountains, up and down, up and down – it was relentless!! But then, out in the middle of nowhere I was riding along and there were 2 old farmer men standing at the ends of their driveways and when they saw me coming along they whooped and hollered and waved. That was awesome! It was beautiful scenery from what I could see through the sweat dripping in my eyes. Finally as the bike ride was nearing the end I was cruising down this long down hill on hwy 69 and came around a corner and then I see it…..up in the distance, the absolute tallest hill EVER in the history of hills - they saved the best for last… I felt like a warrior when I reached the top! On the return into the parking lot to transition from bike to run I hear on the loud speaker Stephen announcing the first finisher crossing the line in 1:10 – wow! I am in awe. I rack my bike, try to put my running shoes on – I’m so tired I can’t even think clearly – over & under, now loop and tighten, there I got it, as sweat is dripping off my nose. I now begin the run, 3 loops around the lake – my legs have forgotten how to move forward (I think they are still back there on that last hill…) I am confused..why can’t I go faster? Then I hit the sand…okay, another thing to conquer, and conquer I did – slow and steady, like an old work horse, refusing to give in, steadily moving forward, 1 lap down. I am on the second loop coming to the LAPS tent water station and I hear Mike and Cindy screaming my name “come on Lynne! You are doing great! Doing awesome!” or something like that…Heck they could have been saying “watch out Lynne, there’s a snake killing a possum” I was breathing so loud and heavy I couldn’t hear anything clearly. My mind kept saying….I just need to catch my breath – I just need a minute, but I ignored it..just kept moving forward. About the time I finished the second round I saw this bright pink flash go by me….Katrina. She was flying!!! Momentarily swept up in her energy I had a brief moment of feeling strong. It was great. As I came around for the last lap, on the back side of the lake…homestretch there was a man standing on the side of the road cheering me on, telling me “you are an absolute inspiration!” Wow, me an inspiration? That felt good. Coming across the finish line among a chorus of supportive yells and whistles and well wishes I hear Stephen announce my name with a time of 1:59:33. I raised my arms in victory – Yes!! I finished under 2 hrs! All the miles, all the struggles, all the training, all for this moment when I could cross the finish line and know in my heart that I gave it everything I had on this day, in this moment – I was a triathlete.

Report by Josh Rubin

This is a race report from the first annual Lake Tejas Triathlon 2011. We were fortunate enough to be a sponsor for this event which was very well run for a 1st year race. It was truly unique in that it was a noon start start so no hotel stays were required. It was located within 2 hours of the Houston area and an even shorter dive from the Lufkin/Lake Livingston area. It was also not to far from Dallas to make it a same day event. The Lake for the swim was clean and clear and also a nice place for spectators to watch from as the race really centers around the lake. The bike course was difficult and hilly which was a welcome change from the flat courses we race in Houston. The run was 3 loops of the lake on a dirt/sand road that ran the perimeter of the lake making it again spectator friendly. It was hot but there were water hand ups every 1/2 mile on the run. Because of the the heat and hills this was one of the toughest races I have done from a competetive standpoint yet short enough for beginners who may not be going as hard. All in all it was a great experience and if my schedule allows I will be back as both a competetor and sponser in 2012. Josh Rubin, President RMS Bicycles Inc.

2013 Results
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2012 Race Results
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2011 Results
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